DID YOU KNOW the septic system is one of the most expensive parts of the home? Lamprey Suburban Septic takes pride in providing detailed and honest assessments of each and every septic system we evaluate.

The process included: Inspecting the condition of the tank, pump basin, septic pump and every other aspect of your septic system. By use of video camera, we also look at the pipes between the house and tank, and the tank and leach field.

This will reassure the potential buyer that all components of the septic system have been carefully looked over. Every septic inspection is performed by a State of NH licensed septic evaluator.

We appreciate you choosing Lamprey Suburban Septic and look forward to assisting you with any of your septic needs in the future. 

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1. What is the benefit of maintaining my septic system?

Pumping the tank on a regular basis will prolong the life of the system and deter potential septic issues that may occur in the future. (i.e. backups)

2. How do I know when my tank needs to be pumped?

There are a few symptoms to look out for. A toilet that is gurgling or may take a couple extra flushes, and/or slow drainage of sinks, tubs, or toilets.

3. How often should I pump my tank?

The time between pumping has many varying factors. It is dependent on the number of people in the house and if the home is either a permanent or seasonal residence.

4. What is a filter and why should I clean it?

During an inspection, we will look to see if your system has a filter. This is the last line of defence between your tank and your leach field. it should be cleaned every time the tank is pumped to remove any solid buildup. This will alleviate clogged pipes in your leach field and in turn prevent backups or premature failure of your leach field.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DON'T flush any type of material that will not decompose (i.e. Feminine products or flushable wipes.) They do NOT break down in your system and can cause clogging.
  • DON'T drive over or build anything on your leach field.
  • DON'T use septic tank additives. These products usually do not benefit the health of your system.
  • DO have your septic tank pumped out regularly.
  • DO learn the location of your septic tank and your leach field.
  • DO call a professional when you have any issues with your system.